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We build software and IT-systems for your business. We apply a lean strategy and deliver results within two weeks.*

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Building Technology

Experienced in many industries we build custom software and IT-systems to serve your business needs. Recent projects include product recommendation engines, automated chat engines, interactive voice response and voip pbx systems, stock analysis and trading tools, knowledge management applications and planning tools. Depending on the requirements we usually start with a functional prototype which we aim to deliver within an initial budget of ten days.

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Case studies

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Automated insurance claim processing

A chatbot for an insurance company which allows customers to report insurance claims via chat.

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Stock analysis for value investors

A system which offers security analysts a framework to value their stock portfolio.

spiderstar VoIP Interface
VoIP based pbx system for business

An advanced voip solution which emerged from a customer inquiry.

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AI based recommendation system

A product recommendation engine for ecommerce based on Vanillatech ML

In our labs we develop advanced proprietary technology - ready to serve your business.


Vanillatech Labs Neuronal Database
Vanillatech Labs Neuronal Database

Vanillatech Neuronal Database is a connector which allows you to use AI capabilities directly from a MySQL database system. This enables you to recognize patterns in your data and query predictions directly from the database via an SQL statement.

Vanillatech Labs ML API
Vanillatech Labs ML API

A machine learning rest api for developers based on a neuro-bio inspired generic deep learning algorithm. It automatically detects patterns and allows developers to build intelligent apps in minutes.